Do you ever experience seeing or being 'touch' by a ghost or spirit before?

If you do, what is the feeling like? Scared? Nervous?

If you have not try this, what are you going to do? Try it?

As for me, I don't like either ghost or something mysterious that will scare me to death. I don't like trying or play dare just to test your courage of how brave you are. I have friends possessed by spirits or ghost before. I seen them acting strange and not being their own self. It is kind of scary for me to see and experience it myself.

There are many haunted places in Malaysia that may make our spines chill and gives us goosebumps. Have you been one of any before? Let me warn you before you start wandering off to those scary places. It is not wise to disturb them and their territory. You will have fun and feel exciting at the beginning, but later you will regret and start to have nightmares for the rest of your life.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Villa Nabila, Johor Bahru

Situated on a hillside facing Johor’s popular Danga Bay, Villa Nabila is prime property, which may lend credence to the stories that it’s haunted, as a prime property house like that isn’t commonly abandoned.


This mystery really interests me a lot although there were many versions of stories behind the mystery.

1st version:

There were a rich family living a harmonious life in this villa. But, unfortunately, the parents died and left a daughter named Nabila. After the parents died, the daughter live with her maid. Nabila is said to be inherit a big fortune of inheritance from her parents. The maid killed Nabila and cement her body in one of the place in the villa. 

It is very hard for us to believe this story, because the intention or the reason of the maid of killing the master's daughter (Nabila) is never known to anybody until now.   

2nd version:

(This version of story is well-known to many people.)

Nabila has a very rich family. One day, her house was robbed and everyone in the household was cruelly killed. The bungalow were left unoccupied until now and have many shrubbery all over the bungalow.

3rd version:

Nabila's family had been robbed. Nabila was raped before she was killed cruelly by the robbers. Her body then was buried inside the wall of the villa.

4th version:

Originally, Nabila had a very wonderful family. But one day, Nabila's father went rampage and killed everyone in the household and he commit suicide after killing everyone.  

5th version:

(Too dramatic for me.)

This villa was named
Christine Palace after the name of a wife of a business man from the west. It was said that before building this villa, the husband promised the 6 siblings (that was in his native land) to divide the land accordingly. But, when this husband get the land, he renege his promise. The 6 siblings felt very angry. Later, the siblings who went mad send 2 representative to deal this matter with the husband. Don't know what happen, the 2 representatives that were sent by the siblings went rampage and threatened the husband to divide the land to the others after killing his daughter. But, the husband was still stubborn. The 2 representatives then killed his wife. But still, the husband do not want to follow the order due to his greed. At last, the husband was killed by the representatives too. The villa now still stayed unoccupied for almost 70 years.

 Lets Watch this!
 This is a footage video of the villa.


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